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Lava Lab Creations

Surfactant (SURF)

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An essential chemical for Lava Lamp Restorations

We supply you with the most desirable high-end surfactant available for lava lamps,.. SLES
It has a higher cloud point than lesser refined types of Surfactants

Now in 4 sizes and DOUBLE the Intensity/Strength without double the cost

2oz=$6.25 oz (NEW SIZE)
4oz=$4.68 oz
8oz=$3.28 oz
32oz=$1.82 oz


Dilute 50% with distilled water to coat the bottle prior to adding new Lava Wax
It stops the wax from sticking to the glass

Adjusting flow: Use up to 10 milliliters of Surfactant per 32 ounces  of water when adjusting the flow