Some of you may have an older Grande (pre-2013) or a GIANT that was designed for use with a now obsolete bulb.

By using a more modern/readily available R-20/100 Watt incandescent reflector bulb, you will find the grande base is not heating properly resulting in the globe not flowing.
The problem is that the light bulb now sits to far away from the globe to properly heat it.

  • This will require an extension of the threaded rod holding the porcelain lamp socket to remedy the problem. You will need to obtain a threaded rod assortment pack and a few nuts/lock-washers at your local hardware store 
  • First start to dismantle the base by removing the felt bottom (or cut a hole in the center of it to access the nut)
  • Remove the nut holding the socket assembly-save and put aside
  • Remove the cord restraint where the cord enters the base by using a channel locks and firmly grip the HESCO cord retainer so you compress the cord and wiggle it out of the hole. NOTE: when you view this retainer you will see where one part fits into another so it compresses the cord, put your channel locks 90 degrees to the split to remove it. be careful so you do not dent the base.
  • Bring the entire assembly out through the top.
  • It is time to remove the threaded rod.
  • The threaded rod is held to the socket with Locktite adhesive (to eliminate spin of the socket when changing the light bulb).
  • You have the choice:
  • Completely replace the socket (available at our store) and purchase a new 5-1/2" threaded rod (Local hardware)
  • or 
  • replace just the threaded rod by using a pinpoint butane lighter/torch to heat the Locktite and unscrew the 3-1/2" threaded rod.
  • Screw the new longer threaded rod onto the socket and use another nut (or locktite) to secure it to the socket to the new threaded rod so the socket will not spin when you replace the bulb.
  • Screw a nut onto the bottom of the threaded rod.
  • Screw a new bulb in the socket and test fit the length (height of the nut in last step) so you obtain the proper height of the bulb.(see photo above for reference)
  • Adjust the height accordingly and secure to base with nut and lock-washer on bottom of base
  • If you can not find the proper height of threaded rod when shopping, you may have to mix/match threaded rods to get the proper 5-1/4" height with a threaded couple or cut the oversize rod to fit so it doesn't stick out of the bottom of the base too far.
  • Reattach cord restraint with channel locks
  • Reattach felt with spray adhesive (Or purchase new felt on our store)
  • This is also a good time to install a dimmer if your grande does not have one
  • Good luck