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Lava Lab Creations

Pint Sized Lava Lamp Restore Kit

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Lava Replacement Kit

A Pint includes enough wax for you to refurbish multiple smaller lamps. 

Our Wax has been chemically Blended to work specifically with distilled water ensuring a crystal-clear flow.

Comes with everything you need:
Pint of custom wax (@473ML)
4oz Cleaner
4oz Surfactant (Double Intensity)
Small Laboratory Drop Funnel 
3 Dyes-1 each of Red, Yellow, Blue 
(we offer other colors on our site)

Instructions are included and available on this website

The recommended amount of blended wax to use for smaller lamps:

20oz/14inch lamp           130ML

32oz /17inch lamp          175ML

52oz /16.3inch lamp      220ML