Removing and Reusing Bottle Caps

If you are opening a bottle cap globe and do not have a bench capper, this trick technique will work if your very careful to not dent the original cap when removing it.  Use needle nose pliers and gently pry up each “crown” of the bottle cap until you can remove it .

DO NOT use a regular beer bottle opener as it will dent and damage the cap.

You simply use a hose clamp to re-tighten the cap to the bottle.

Again, be very careful not to bend the cap too much when removing it.


Additionally, Wrap a piece of cloth/rag between the clamp and the bottle cap so it doesn’t do any damage to the cap . Gently tighten the hose clamp. Be careful that you don’t twist in on an angle. 

Keep it straight and level to the top of the cap while tightening.

Use a Socket or nut driver for better torque and control.



This technique is best for someone that only has one lamp to refurbish. This is not the best method but is effective if done correctly. . A bench capper is ideal.  Check for leaks before use.